Weekend Esports Ft Fortnite

The wait is over … esports is live in Brisbane!

If you love your esports & have been looking for a place to have fun and compete on your weekends with and against like-minded players, the new XP Weekend esports competition at The Gamers Ground Esports centre is here!

Compete in Social and Open structured “team v team” leagues each weekend, in an exciting brand-new format.


UQU Esports Centre
The University of Queensland, Level 4 Union Building (Bld 21, St Lucia QLD 4072)

Season 2:

Sign up for Season 2 beginning 12th June 2021

Sessions (Saturday)

Open Division – 1pm – 3pm
Social Division – 10:30am – 12:30pm

Tournament Entry

A One Day Membership ($6) must be purchased in order to have access to the centre. This must be purchased each week before commencing your matches. This pass will give you unlimited gaming access to the centre between the hours of 9am – 4pm once both division’s sessions have completed.

If you are a registered Weekly Unlimited Member ($8.95 pw), leagues and events are free.



2x Winners Trophies
2x Unlimited Month Passes TGG
2x Mouse Mats

Runners Up
2x Runners Up Trophies
2x Unlimited Month Passes TGG
2x ZQ Socks


2x Winners Trophies
2x Unlimited Week Passes TGG
2x Mouse Mats

Runners Up
2x Runners Up Trophies
2x Unlimited Week Passes TGG
2x ZQ Socks

Age Requirements

All players must be of age or above to compete in our event.
This is supported from Epic Game’s Event Guideline for local age requirement in Australia.


(Detailed Tournament Day Info will be out 12th April)

All players must sign in at our COVID-19 checkpoint at the venue prior to entering due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All players must present their receipt upon entry, be signed in and assigned a station.

Equipment Provided (BYO allowed)

Venue’s PCs will be used | KB, M & HS Provided At Each Station

BYO Keyboard, Mouse, Headset and Controllers allowed. (Please bring a 1-2m cable for your controller if you’re bringing it.). Please fill your own peripheral details in during registration.

Extremely Limited Spots

Please arrive 15-30 mins before your session start time, to ensure sufficient time to get you checked in, signed in, setup and ready to go without any issues.


We want to make sure before players arrive to the event on the day that they all know their Epic/Fortnite Email & Password to login. We have had past incidents where players who enter the wrong Email & Password too many times will lock out the whole UQU Network preventing other players from signing in. The only work around is if you ALREADY have linked your Epic Account through Facebook, Google Account, PSN, Xbox Live or a Nintendo Account. If we catch you entering your details incorrectly too many times, we will sign you in with our XP Esports Guest Fortnite accounts which means you will not be able to play using your own account.

Once your session has been completed, all BYO equipment must be removed for the next session.



Social: (Beginner – Intermediate)

Open: (Intermediate – Pro)

Scoring Rules

Teams will verse each other in fixture play.

Fixtures are created before the start of each season.

The team with the highest score at the end of 5 rounds wins.

All teams will be given a score card; they must ask if they have not received one before commencing.

Each room will have one or more referees to score each team’s rounds before continuing.

Teams cannot proceed/play their next round until their previous round has been seen by a referee. Otherwise, players must prove their previous round score from Fortnite’s Match Reply History. Make sure your match replays are turned on in the settings.

Scoring Format

Teams will play 5 rounds of Duo’s Public.

The team with the highest score will beat their opposition.

Players accumulate points (17 max bonus points)

Victory Royale = 7 Points

Top 3 = 4 Points

Top 6 = 2 Points

Top 10 = 1 Point

Top 15 = 1 Point

Top 21 = 1 Point

Top 28 = 1 Point

Eliminations = 1 Point per elimination.

Rounds will be played in Duo’s Public.

All teams will be given a score card; they must ask if they have not received one before commencing.

Both teams must sign off upon completion of the match. This is to make sure there are no future disputes over final scores.

All scores will be updated and shown via social media

Season standings will be updated and show on social media within 48 hours of the completion of the round.


Both Social and Open Division Finals will be played on the same day.

Top 4 teams from the season will play in FINALS.

Finals Day presentations will happen at the conclusion of Finals Day.

All photos and results will be posted to social media